Irene Tanner, Life Stylist New York

Born into the depression-burdened south, restrained by the prevailing limitations placed on girls, I came to New York to study design at eighteen rather than succumb to a traditional future. My artistic abilities were assurance that life was chock-full of endless possibilities for a talented young woman who was willing to work. Blue skies rather than glass ceilings existed in my mind.

I entered the textile industry as a designer/stylist, Marriage, children and divorce followed. Subsequent careers included image consulting, founding, fundraising for and running a non-profit organization for disadvantaged women and at-risk youth. I also developed and conducted workshops on maximizing presentation skills both nationally and internationally.

I currently write weekly blogs on which are also published by the Huffington Post under Healthy Living, Culture and Post50. The study of metaphysics and the human potential movement were ongoing avid avocations.

As a Life Transition Counselor, I see myself as a role model for maturing productively and wishes to reach an audience that resonates with this approach – aging gracefully and gorgeously!