Ann Hirsch Mountain View

Specialties: Coaching/Consulting

What Ann Hirsch is offering:

A unique approach to building the life you always wanted.

How Ann Hirsch can help you:

If you are ready to change your life for the better then I am the ultimate and final coach for you. With my unique approach I can help you get there faster with better results than you can ever imagined.

Ann Hirsch is a strategic coach/consultant for both personal and professional application. She has had a dynamic and successful career that spans over thirty years in sales, management, consulting and strategic coaching.
Her tenure at Marketing and Management consulting firms helped her develop a unique approach to challenges in both the business and personal arena.
With a B.A. in Psychology and her coach training and certification from the prestigious Franklin Covey Institute, she has helped over seventy international companies increase gross revenues and improve their “bottom line.”
Although Ann’s practice deals with both male and female executives, her favorite area involves helping women succeed in a world where they are often at a disadvantage. Missing the competitive skills they desperately need to “win” in life, Ann’s approach levels the playing field for her clients.