Elise Milner New York

Specialties: Playwrighting, self production, theatrical self producing, graphic and website deisgn

What Elise Milner is offering:

Workshops on theatrical self production and playwrighting

How Elise Milner can help you:

Elise Maurine Milner, playwright, director, and theatrical producer, is completely self made and has been self-producing regional Off-Broadway theater since 2002 and started her first production with just 22 cents in the bank! Elise has produced over 250 Off Broadway performances, and has written 12 Off Broadway plays. She is a visionary, a community leader, a teacher, an artistic director, owner of 3 companies, a songwriter, a graphic designer, an actress, and an entrepreneur. She has worn every single hat there is in and through every aspect of artistic production from making costumes, to set design/building, marketing, publicity, budgeting, graphic and website design, stage managing, lighting and sound, and video editing. Her work has been hailed by a Tony Award winning Broadway producer who called her "the real deal."