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Venessa Funches Helena

Specialties: Business Planning, Marketing, Jobs & Career Planning; Personal Growth

What Venessa Funches is offering:

Consulting Services

How Venessa Funches can help you:

Venessa Funches Consulting works to help others grow, develop, and transform into more than they thought they could become. The growth process can be frightening without an experienced guide. I am here to assist you in developing workable strategies. Let's do this together.

Dr. Venessa Funches is an expert in Consumer Behavior and Retail Strategy. She has a PhD, MBA, & a BS in Marketing. In addition to her education, she also has extensive experience in sales and education. She has worked for several top firms in the areas of marketing and financial services. She is now a full-time educator and speaker in Marketing. She is personable and energetic. Connect today and put her expertise to work for you.