Olga Gardner Galvin

Specialties: Narrative structure, story development

What Olga Gardner Galvin is offering:

Storytelling consulting for small-business marketing

How Olga Gardner Galvin can help you:

With a well-written narrative that highlights the uniqueness of your product or service, we will differentiate your offerings from those of your competition and develop a narrative that will connect your product/service to your market.

I will help you define your target market and your ideal client. Together, we will determine the main purpose of your website and discuss how well it succeeds in connecting your product/service with your market. I will guide you through crafting website copy that will create a bond between you and your customer.

I will show you how to apply the classic story formula to networking situations, to engage potential prospects’ interest and position yourself in their minds as a rescuer and problem-solver. We will crystallize a conversational explanation of your business to pique interest and set you apart from the competition in one sentence, a short paragraph, and a full sales pitch, creatively phrased to convince a prospect that your product/service will enable them to prevail over adversity.

One-on-one coaching or workshop setting.

I am a book editor with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of publishing, and a narrative development consultant. I specialize in structural and developmental editing of fiction and narrative nonfiction, as well as work with small businesses to structure and develop narratives to guide their marketing and branding efforts.


“Honing an effective pitch has been my major challenge. This workshop has targeted and pointed me in the right direction.” — Isaac Raz, founder and president at Whole Music LLC

“I feared it would be too intimidating, but instead it was encouraging, thought-provoking. Understanding, empathetic, relaxed approach; practical information.” – Scott Williams, creative director, design director + creative consultant

“I had no idea that I would get so much clarity with such simplicity.” – Kim Webb, motivational speaker, life coach

“Outstanding. Great real-world practical advice.” — Christopher Phang, director at Harlem Pediatric Associates

“Very direct. No nonsense. Lots of knowledge and experience. Big help to me.” — Chris Shapdick, relationship coach

“Excellent, very to the point.” – Camilla Golden, graphic artist, Camilart