Christopher Gaida

Specialties: Show Biz & Media - producing, filmmaking, writing, acting for films and reality shows. Celebrity gossip and award show logistics.

What Christopher Gaida is offering:

Entertainment advice on Hollywood, Celebrities, behind-the-scenes secrets, producing and writing. Practical advice and emotional support.

How Christopher Gaida can help you:

As a Producer's Guild Producer, Amazon Best Selling Author and Celebrity Escort I will help you figure out how to create a path in Hollywood and avoid some of the pitfalls when starting out. Maybe an entertainment career is not right for you? Maybe you are trying to decided whether you should quit your job and move to Hollywood? Maybe you feel stuck and just want to take a chance? I have practical advice not taught in schools and many things I learned along the way to save you time, money and most importantly your sanity! Its a crazy business and I want you to learn from my mistakes!

As one of the top Celebrity Escorts in the world, Gaida has even been referred to as “The Celebrity Whisperer”! For over a decade, Gaida has worked on just about every type of award show there is from smaller niche shows such as the TV Land Awards to the Emmys and Oscars. In total, Gaida has escorted celebrities on over 160 award shows and benefits. This once shy man has rubbed elbows with the most elite in Hollywood and has been requested by celebrities and award shows alike.

Because of this unique career he has been able to meet people from all walks of life and has established relationships with publicist, producers, crew as well as his celebrity clients. Chris has told the world his amazing story in the Amazon Best Selling book "Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales From The Red Carpet" and hopes it will give hope and inspiration to people who want to live their dreams no matter how far out of reach they seem to be.

In addition, Gaida has worked on and Produced reality television and films for companies such as Disney, ABC, CW, The Travel Channel and Playboy TV. Gaida is a member of the Producer's Guild and Television Academy.