Matthew Goss East Windsor

Specialties: Trading Analytics, Trading Signals, TradeStation Tutorials

What Matthew Goss is offering:

TradeStation Tutorials

How Matthew Goss can help you:

I will share my screen and reveal 35 years of trading wisdoms and TradeStation tips and tricks during this one hour, one-on-one tutorial.

If you already use TradeStation, I'll be able to remote your unit, and assist with anything TradeStation related that requires the attention of an expert.

Programming is not included in this package, but available as consulting gig instead.

Seasoned trader with knowledge of the global market place, macro, and micro market structures. Algorithmic app developer with thirty five years of global commodity, Forex, Futures, and equities trading experience, coupled with quantitative know-how.

Superior product development capabilities, client requirements collection, and client support. Complete and total grasp of the economics behind all asset classes, and a specialization in precious metals OTC and exchange traded products, especially gold and silver.

Champion under pressure, expert at trading through the most volatile black swan events. Experience with front, middle, and back office staff and operations servicing the largest global buy side players. Comfortable with political leaders, central and investment bankers, C-level public leaders, financial market players, product developers, programmers. Accomplished public speaker, leading or teaching.

? Develop multi-asset class algorithmic trading strategies, alpha generation, order execution, hedging, and risk mitigation strategies.
? Created an entire demo that showcased both VWAP algo improvements, along with return signals. Functionality within the demo included both charting and executions based upon all forecasts available throughout the day, and ran on both real-time data and in replay.
? Published portfolio level back-testing solutions, trading strategy ranking systems, and multi-time frame algorithms that auto trade a large symbol universe of stocks.
? Established and grew StrategyDB Consulting biz, and COMEX brokerage firm, Newbreed Commodities.
? Developed specialization in the trading of spot metals, metal movements, commodity futures, cash metals, Global Futures, location swaps, leases and Forex directional trades.