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Jenny McKaig

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Are you ready to tap into your most creative self? Are you ready to finally move forward with that book, blog or video you’ve been wrestling with for what feels like forever? Do you feel your creativity inside, those restless inner rumbles, but don’t know how to make the change from rumblings to reality?

Writing coaching opens you to your most creative self in a way that’s supportive and inspiring, asking you to give voice to your best writing and open to creative projects that you may have some time ago tucked away. My creative coaching guides your inner knowing to unleash your most creative self.

Writing coaching could be for you if:

-You have an idea brewing but haven’t stepped into it
-You yearn for more ease in your creative process
-You’re already writing/creating and want to take it to the next level
-You’d love to write more and experience creative fulfillment
-You’re ready to awaken your most creative self!

Writing coaching empowers you for:

-Creative clarity to achieve your dreams
-Deep, fulfilling creative renewal
-Writing that rivets your audience
-Creative projects finally being completed
-Your most empowered creative self!

With awakening coaching techniques and 14 years combined writing, editing and creativity experience, I help you change creative potential into power in creation. I’m a deeply intuitive coach who assists with powerful questions and transformative creative exercises to empower your most creative self!

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