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Nicole Borger

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Where are you stuck?

Is it losing those last 5 pounds? Getting yourself to the gym? Getting started on your nutritional plan? No matter where you may be feeling stuck, you’re not alone. While trying to get fit, to reach your optimal best, everyone encounters obstacles.

I specialize in helping individuals identify and overcome barriers that may be making it difficult to lose weight or stay motivated to maintain a fitness plan.

My techniques and approach help men and women get results. Through identifying and altering life-long patterns of thinking and behavior that can effect overall wellness you and I will work together to facilitate change and create lasting results.

Services include:
One on One Consultations, Phone Consultations

One-on-One: One-on-One sessions can be arranged at my office, at your office, or at a public setting of your choice, like a local Café or Starbucks. I will meet with you, and together, we will determine a wellness plan based on your goals.

Phone Consultations: Phone Consultations are best if you are unable to meet in person. Phone consultations are similar to one-on-one consultations. We will talk about goals and determine a wellness plan to help you reach them.

Rate: $2.08/min

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