Using your iPad as a Sketchbook


Mike Browne

Category: Art

We'll go step by step to learn how to use a stylus like a pen or brush. You'll be amazed with the possibilities. You'll need a few things.

• iPad
• Paper by 53 (App Store) $7
• Sketch Club (App Store) $2
• Jot Pro Stylus (Amazon) $15

We'll go over how to use your iPad for quick sketches and detailed drawings using a capacitive stylus. I'll send you a FREE GlydeWrite Cleaning Shield for your lesson. This is the tablet artist's secret. It allows you the ability to slide your hand without making contact with the screen. It is also an ultra microfiber screen cleaner.

We'll start with a hardware discussion then move into quick Sketches. Next is how to use a more powerful drawing program like Sketch Club or AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro.

We can connect using FaceTime if you'd like.

Price: $100

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