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Walt Goodridge

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"I share what I know, so that others may grow!"

"During the process of crafting my own life of freedom, I've stumbled upon specific information, honed a proven mindset, embraced a better belief system, created a personal philosophy, developed a new world view, and implemented a proven formula and strategy that has allowed me to reclaim my power, break free from limitations, turn my passion into profit, live true to my self travel the world, grow younger every day, and live the life of my dreams! I'd love to help you do the same! -- Walt F.J. Goodridge

Essentially, we'll be incorporating the esoteric (the Law of One, the Ra Material, the Michael Teachings [soul age], Lightworker purpose, Life Themes [purpose], etc.) with the economic (survival, generating income, prosperity) in a Turn Your Passion into Profit coaching session that can give you great insights in just one session.


Walt F.J. Goodridge is a former civil engineer who walked away from his career to pursue his passion and live a nomadpreneur lifestyle.

Author of 20 books, founder of dozens of websites, coach, nomadpreneur, international traveler, columnist, and blogger, Walt F.J. Goodridge (The Passion Prophet) offers coaching to help you live true to your self, discover your purpose, find your passion, create a product or service, and market it for profit and prosperity, all while enjoying his own freedom on a tropical island in the pacific!

Turn passion into profit! Live true to yourself!

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