Transitional Counseling for Disabled Students: High School to College


MaryElizabeth Barrett MA, MEd, CAGS

Category: Personal Growth/Improvement

Tags: college, counseling, Disabilities, Deafness, High School Students

I am an educator and psychologist with over 35 years experience working with students of all types and degrees of disability. I provide counseling to high school students and their parents to foster a smooth transition into college. I address not only academic concerns, but, more importantly, the mutual role shifting that must occur for the parents and the student to smoothly move into the next stage of life.

In addition I can help navigate the regulatory differences between high school and college in regards to confidentiality, level of parental involvement, self-advocacy, types of available accommodations, and realistic expectations to have in regards to class load, homework, and contact with faculty. I am fluent in American Sign Language.

I offer one-to-one Skype counseling sessions to tackle the questions, concerns, and misconceptions about college BEFORE the student is the college system.

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