Tell your clients a story about THEM


Olga Gardner Galvin

Category: Entrepreneurship/Be Your Own Boss

Tags: marketing, sales, branding, storytelling, narrative

With a well-written narrative that highlights the uniqueness of your product or service, we will differentiate your offerings from those of your competition and develop a narrative that will connect your product/service to your market.

I will help you define your target market and your ideal client. Together, we will determine the main purpose of your website and discuss how well it succeeds in connecting your product/service with your market. I will guide you through crafting website copy that will create a bond between you and your customer.

You will learn how to apply the classic story formula to networking situations, to engage potential prospects’ interest and position yourself in their minds as a rescuer and problem-solver. We will crystallize a conversational explanation of your business to pique interest and set you apart from the competition in one sentence, a short paragraph, and a full sales pitch, creatively phrased to convince a prospect that your product/service will enable them to prevail over adversity.

One-hour sessions in person anywhere in Manhattan, NYC, or by Skype/WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

Price: $60

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