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Chinedum Azuh

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Chinedum Azuh provides you with Christian based spiritual services. These services include individual, marriage, family, adolescent and pre-marital counseling, as well as coaching in the areas of wellness and stress management. He will work with you to pursue a course of help that will draw on the truths of Scripture to bring healing and growth to your life through the work of the Holy Spirit. He is not a psychologist or social worker, but specifically a pastoral counselor who counsels from the Word of God. While he deals with many of the same issues as therapists or psychologists, his distinction is that he counsels from a biblical world view perspective. While methods from psychology are sometimes used, they are only used as the pass the “filter test” of Scripture.

Chinedum started pastoral work in a Teens Church at age 17 (1994) and most of those people he taught are Successful Christian Leaders today. On September 1999, he was appointed the coordinator, End-Time Evangelical Fellowship (nondenominational Christian group).
He is the author of several life changing Christian Literatures including The Greatest Power on Earth (Prayer Book). You can get this book for free on www.smashwords.com
In 2003 he became the Senior Pastor of Light Bearers Church, ABA Diocese, Abia State, Nigeria. He was a one time assistant General Overseer of End Time Christian Harvest Ministries Lagos, Nigeria.

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