Spiritual Bereavement Recovery


Christine Duminiak

Category: Personal Growth/Improvement

Spiritual Bereavement Recovery (SBR) means learning how to reclaim your inner peace and joy after an overwhelming loss so that you will be able to reinvest in and enjoy life once again.

SBR sessions include learning how to safely express your innermost feelings to provide relief from the pain, anguish, anger, guilt, and regrets.

SBR sessions address your emotional and spiritual sides of your grief.

In addition to our being physical, mental, and emotional beings, we are also spiritual beings. True peace and healing from grief does not take place without our spiritual natures being nurtured by God. God often sends our loved ones to us to help us heal from grief.

SBR sessions helps you to recognize afterlife signs from your loved one, so you will know that they are OK and with God, and are still a comforting part of your life.

SBR sessions embrace your important ongoing connections to your loved one and to a God Who cares about your pain and loves you very much.

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