Spiritual Bereavement Recovery Support


Christine Duminiak

Category: Spiritual

To Learn Positive Steps To Recovery:

There are positive steps that you can take to begin your road to recovery, which I am here to help you with, if you schedule a phone session with me.

To Release Your Feelings:

You may not know how to effectively and positively release those pent up feelings, words, and thoughts that you wished you had expressed before your loved one passed from the physical plane to the spiritual one to go back Home to God. I am here to help you with that.

To Help With Feelings Of Guilt And Forgiveness:

You may be suffering from feelings of guilt and are not able to forgive yourself or worry that your loved one cannot forgive you. Therefore, you cannot move on to a happier life and a peaceful state of mind. I am here to help you with that.

To Learn About After-Death Contacts and Signs:

You may have longed to be reassured that your loved one is OK and safely in God’s arms. To that end you may have prayed for a direct after-death contact (ADC) from your loved one for reassurance, and your anxiety and pain may have intensified if you haven’t noticed any after-death signs. Conversely, if you were blessed to have received an ADC, you may be troubled that it may not be from God, and wonder if you are going against God’s Will. Or you may think you are going crazy if you thought you saw your loved one again. I can help guide you in these areas too.

To Reconnect With God:

You may have found that your faith has been tremendously shaken because of the heart-wrenching pain from the physical loss of your loved one. You may wonder why a loving God would hurt you this way. You may feel that God no longer cares about you or loves you or is punishing you. You may be afraid to mention to anyone in your inner circle that you are angry with God, or have lost faith in Him. I hope to be able to help you to resolve these feelings and to once again lovingly reconnect with God.

To Learn a Positive Way of Thinking About Death:

You will learn positive information about death and the afterlife that you may not have heard before. This information will help you to look at “death” in a meaningful way.

To Get To Talk To An Experienced Expert One-On-One:

I understand how important it is to hear a caring and sympathetic live voice from someone who is very experienced in this field. I know how gratifying it is to be able to personally ask sensitive questions and to receive meaningful feedback.

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