Renovation Consulting: A must before you move forward with your project.


Lisa Schwab

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Renovation Consulting:

We have our own contractors who are licensed, insured, reliable, talented and artistic.
We can work as your personal renovation consultant or with your contractors. We will keep track of the calendar and the ordering and the details so that your job gets done right and on time and with no mistakes. We know what mistakes often occur and we are here to make sure that you will have none. We can also help you find the best marble/granite, flooring, hardware and hinges, cabinetry stores. We do an initial assessment as to what your space needs are and we want to make sure that everything from your bookshelves to your kitchen cabinets, closets and light switches are exactly right. We have 20+ years of experience and no mistakes are made on our shift. We can help with interior design (furniture) but we would prefer to refer you to our specialists for that. We specialize on the materials and fixtures that your contractor will so very much appreciate us for!

Rate: $1.25/min

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