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Kristopher Angstadt

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I am passionate about real estate and business and I believe education, systems and coaching are the key components to running a successful real estate investing business. I have built my business on this foundation and my sole purpose is to share my knowledge. My coaching is designed to accelerate the learning curve associated with investing in real estate.

Truly wealthy people do not trade their time for money. Truly wealthy people invest in their financial education, start businesses and accumulate assets that do the work to produce income for them. This is why I have made it my mission to teach my students how to build a business that is not dependent on you trading time for money.

Kristopher Angstadt,Founder and CEO started Home Investors of America, Inc. in 2001 and since the founding, the company has helped out many homeowners. He was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Kristopher has bought and sold 1,000+ houses, with his knowledge and experience of real estate and the selling process, he will work to educate and provide you with the best customer service possible.

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