Private Coaching for Solo Performance and Public Speaking with Samantha Jones


Samantha Jones

Category: Showbiz & Media

As a solo performing artist, Jones has made a name for herself with her off the wall characters. With 20 years experience as a solo performer, director & producer, Jones works with private clients to find their true voice and bring it to the stage. To Jones, solo performance - be it theatrical or corporate- incorporates audience as a second character and the shows/presentations she helps to manifest reflect that. Solo isn’t looked at as a “vehicle” or vanity production. Instead the work- no matter how funny or serious- is meant to somehow change the world. Each show is developed with a message that grips audience and dares to change their minds. She’s worked nationally both online and on site with actors, comedians, singer/songwriters, life-coaches, spiritual teachers, corporate heads companies and more. The shows have appeared on three continents and across the US. Her work is limitless and powerful.

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