Overcoming Obstacles in Career & Life


Michael Chojnacki

Category: Personal Growth/Improvement

Tags: goal setting, Career planning, presentation skills, Career Coaching, self confidence

All of us at times reach a plateau or encounter obstacles that stand between us and what we want to accomplish in career and in life.

As a personal coach and a Sensei in Aikido, I offer unique ways of applying the philosophy of Aiki (way of harmony) to all aspects of personal and professional life.

My coaching has helped people to:

-Overcome stressful situations
-Improve self-esteem
-Stay positive in a negative environment
-Improve collaboration
-Develop self-confidence
-Discover their hidden potential
-Balance life and career

The combination of learning new techniques and applying them gives us the confidence we need to accomplish whatever we want in life. For more information, please visit my website at www.aikiway.com.

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