How to write a book in 40 hours


Getrude Matshe

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Best-selling author Getrude Matshe actually wrote her second book in 40 hours and proved how easy it is. And she gives you step-by-step detail of everything she did, including the resources she uses to turn out content-rich books in no time at all.
The "How To Write a Book in 40 Hours" system is a perfect strategy for first-time book writers who have been discouraged by the thought of pounding out words for months at a time.
Inside these pages you’ll learn :

• How to create a title and subtitle of your book
• How to brand yourself as an author
• How to create the book cover design
• How to format the interior of the book
• How to work out the chapters of the book
• How to add the necessary ingredients to each chapter
• How to record the first draft of your book
• How to secure and work with an editor
• How to self-publish on Amazon
• How to self-publish on Kindle

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