How to Begin an Exciting New Career as a Corporate Flight Attendant!

By: Kimberlyn Allen

Participants will gain knowledge of:
1. An overview of what corporate aviation is and who travels on private jets.
2. Differences between Corporate Flight Attendants vs. Commercial Flight Attendants
3. What the requirements are for becoming a corporate flight attendant.
4. Cost of training and companies throughout the U.S. that can provide training.
5. An understanding of how the industry operates including terminology used in corporate aviation.
6. Job market overview and trends.
7. Employment resources and how to market yourself.
8. How much money you can make.
9. Q & A session

Category: Jobs & Careers

Wed, Nov 14, 2012 7:00PM - 9:00PM (PST)

9107 Wilshire bldg. 9107 Wilshire Blvd #500, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Fee : $45.00 Enroll Now

Kimberlyn Allen, has been a corporate flight attendant for over 14 years. She began her career with the Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball team in 1998. The following year she began flying the Carolina Hurricanes NHL hockey team, which lasted from 1999-2006 when the team won the coveted Stanley Cup. Since professional sports is seasonal, and Kimberlyn lives in Los Angeles, she also has the exciting opportunity to fly with many celebrities, entertainers, musicians/rock bands, foreign dignitaries, presidential candidates, CEO’s and the very wealthy elite. In 2003, she founded Jet-Set Aviation Professionals, Inc. with her flight attendant friend and co-worker, David Clemens. They created the company because of the increased demand for service oriented, safety conscientious flight attendants on private jets. Over the years, they have expanded their business to include a global corporate flight attendant staffing agency..., and an In-Flight Catering consulting division for professional sports teams. You can view a list of all services provided by going to In 2005, Kimberlyn and her company were hired by Imagine Entertainment as “Flight Attendant Technical Advisor and On-Set Consultant” for the feature film Flight Plan, starring Jodie Foster and Peter Sarsgaard. She spent time training the actresses, including Erica Christensen, on how to play their roles as flight attendants in the movie. She was hired to be on-set and consulted with the director, executive producers and others regarding the actual specific real-life duties and responsibilities of being a flight attendant. Currently, her “Corporate Flight Attendant Training” manual is being published with the Library of Congress.

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