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Tommy London

Category: Showbiz & Media

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Tommy London is the lead singer of the New York based rock band, The Dirty Pearls. The band debuted with a sold out show at Arlene's Grocery and soon after they were headlining and selling out such NYC venues as Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theatre and Irving Plaza as well as supporting/touring with such acts as Lady Gaga, KISS, Scot Weiland, Bret Michaels, Andrew WK, New York Dolls and many more.

The Dirty Pearls are the first to ever have a live commercial free prime time concert on FM Radio (WRXP), Lady Gaga sang about them on her song "Heavy Metal Lover", their music has been featured in various TV programs, rock legend Alice Cooper has even touted that there needs to be more bands like The Dirty Pearls. Most recently they recorded their first full length album, "Whether You Like It Or Not", with Grammy Award winning producer, David Kahne (Strokes, Sublime, Paul McCartney)

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