Housetrain your dog as an act of self-affirmation


Diane Podolsky

Category: Personal Growth/Improvement

Tags: Pets, dogs, dog training, puppy training, housetraining

Housetraining a puppy or a dog offers a unique opportunity to experience self-affirmation upon waking, before going to bed and each waking hour in between. To share that experience with one's best friend each and every time lends extra richness to the experience.

With each successful experience, the bond between you and your canine best friend grows stronger. And, if you choose to acknowledge and celebrate your ability to communicate with your dog, every correct action offers an opportunity for you to feel good about yourself.

Through a series of telephone consultations with expert dog trainer Diane Podolsky, you will learn how housetraining works from your dog's point of view.

Diane will then explain how to use this understanding to create an errorless housetraining program for you and your dog.

In each session, as you implement the program, you will be encouraged to notice and celebrate each step along the way to your goal of sharing your home with a reliably housetrained dog.

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