Google Glass Lessons


Joe Miscavage

Category: Science & Technology

Tags: design, glass, lessons, Google, development

Q What is a Google Glass?
A A Glass is a computer (in the testing/ beta stage, not available to the public) on an eyeglass frame; that has a screen in the upper right corner that appears to be 25" wide, from 8' away.
It responds to touch and voice commands.
It has a camera for photos and videos; and can play audio.
It can connect to Wi-Fi and any Android-based (4.0.3 or higher) Bluetooth-capable phone or tablet.

Q Will I get to wear the Google Glass?
A YES, you will wear the second edition Explorer Glass (XE-C), and command the device.

Fee: $30 per half hour, $60 per hour, or $500 for the day; with family and friends allowed to view live on a companion Google Nexus 7 tablet in “Screencast”, what the wearer is seeing.

Price: $30

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