Creating a Digital Strategy - How to Grow your Market


Katherine Haine

Category: Internet & New Media

Tags: marketing, entrepreneur, media, digital media

Building Your Business Online

There are so many options - a quick consultation can save you thousands of dollars and most importantly save you hundreds of hours in reseach and trial and error. We offer you the expertise to build your business online.

There is a better way! Its back to basics …. some things never change. People won't call or email you unless they trust that you are going to be able to help them. Consumers no longer want to be sold! We want to research the market make our choice so when we call you we are ready to buy!

Building Engagement
So how do you reach this sophisticated consumer? We take a holistic approach to your business. Our digital media team helps you develops content that is both interesting and thought provoking.Internet radio and video, Interviews, news stories, events, videos , press releases and webinars are all examples of how we help build trust online. Then we help you to leverage this content to engage new customers and ultimately convert them into new business for you.

A Handshake
This isn't a new idea! Our goal is to end with a handshake - a real customer who looks you in the eye and says thank you. It really is simple. The metrics and numbers are what make our system work but at the end of the day you will measure your success on the number of handshakes from new customers!

Each client will be guided through a defined process to help you achieve your results and bring in new customers for your business.

Price: $150

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