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Learn How To Fix Your Credit Reports
Legally and For Certain

It may seem very complicated and overwhelming and that may be first.

But you will learn easy and fast how this is easy to overcome...

Learn the true secrets to Credit Repair...and do it yourself...easily... and we will show you how it really works.

Many companies try not so legal methods and involve you in schemes that are not the right way to go...or do it all wrong and it comes back in a month or two...

We will explain it all in a consultation that will explain how this can really work...and why it can work...and how to do it right.

We will explain how to remove items that are there for real reasons and how they can still be removed.

Be it personal credit accounts and/or public records like BK's and Liens and Judgements.

I assure you that as a real estate licensed person who also is licensed to do real estate loans and also brokers business and personal loans...I know how this can be done.

I have licenses in good standing that you will be able to verify.

And YOU CAN do it yourself...legally...and if you also need help preparing the paperwork we have a processor who can help...but with just a few hours of focused will know how to get it done.

Filing disputes via the online systems is what never works.

We will explain why this is...and do it...right!

Again...bad credit that is there and that was for real...cannot be repaired per se...but IT CAN BE REMOVED legally...

By enforcing your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act...and also the Privacy Acts...and stopping all these agencies from reporting the information...

And they must stop...once you know how to stop them...and by stopping it all from staying on your credit the way it is always put there...illegally by the credit bureaus.

Lawyers know how to do this but charge thousands for hourly rates and the ones that are promoting a monthly membership are not doing it right as they have too many clients and the results come when you DO NOT use a registered credit repair agency...but do it yourself...or with our on your a consulting service.

You read right...

We will show you how and in 30 will see results...

We will take the first few minutes to introduce ourselves and if you decide to continue...we will take an hour to an hour and a half and after will know what to do and how to do it...

WE will show you how...

Many Companies want to charge hundreds per deletions for every account or public record..and that can be very expensive.

Just lookup the ads on the free web sites and many are not offering you the option to learn and apply it and save alot of money.

And many will still not do it right...and we know...because we have talked with them...and know their methods are what does not work...

when it is not done in a certan manner.

We will share the real trade secrets and you will know how it is done...can be done...and you will save money and time and effort and so much will have peace of mind...and prepare to repair.

There is a legal way to fix this...even if it is there by the accounts being in not so good standing or even those public records.

So you learn how to remove these even if they were real accounts that went bad...because the reporting agencies are not reporting it legally...and that is the stop them by their own actions.


You will know when we are this is done...and you will say...done with the bad credit reports...I have done this myself!

And we will be available for follow up questions and concerns if needed...after receiving the free E-Book as a back-up reference.

We will help you further if needed...but most will say...

I can do that!

And we will show you how...

Promise made and promise kept...

We will show you how to do and easy.

We help people get ready for funding via a fixed credit report for real estate and personal and business that is our business...and teaching you this is our way to help and achieve new Clients as well...

Thanks for your attention
You will say thanks to us when we are done!

As an extra we will also explain how using tradelines and mixing personal with business credit may not be the real way to go.Also why using CPN offers or secondary credit numbers is also not the way to go...and how this can all cause you problems.

You will also be able to make questions about anything and we will answer it right there...and you will be able to verify it all.

We can also answer questions on how to understand the many promotions for Corporate Credit and those offering Shell Corporations and you will understand how to really fix and set up to suit what you need.

And we can guide you with that as well...

When we are may want to teach your own course on Learning Annex!You will know it all and you will be amazed at how easy it really is...when you know...HOW TO...Prepare To Repair!

Rate: $1.67/min

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