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Yao Huang

Category: Entrepreneurship/Be Your Own Boss

Building a company, especially a tech company for someone who has not done it before can be daunting. There is the tech piece itself, the team, finding the business, figuring out the numbers, pitching investors, pitching companies, finding customers..... The list can seem very long and sometimes you may not know where to begin or just need some help. I have advised and helped a number of companies grow and been there for founders and their issues. I am the "fixer". I can help you put a game plan together, solve problems, find new business, shortcut you into meetings, meet the right person to help your business. Best reach out before things are overwhelming, but as a founder you sometimes need a new perspective and someone to talk to at the top. I am not going to sugar coat things or say what you want to hear, it will be what you need to hear. If I can't offer you at least once piece of valuable advice, don't pay me.

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