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eAdvice is provided by Lori Williams. Lori is a business consultant, speaker, writer and well-known expert on small business finance. Functioning as the Chief Strategist for her consulting agency, she has worked with middle market companies to build long-term sustainable growth. Her eBooks are distributed through Amazon, ITunes and Barnes and Noble. As an adjunct professor in the entrepreneurial department at USC, Lori shares her business expertise with young entrepreneurs

The eAdvice format is suited for any small business question. Most business questions can be answered without communicating face-to-face. Information and data is exchanged via email and phone calls scheduled when additional interaction is required. This simple fact was what led me to create eAdvice.

Since travel is not involved, I could offer small business consulting services at a much lower cost, independent of their location.

eAdvice provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with business advice in 15 minute increments or one email correspondence.

Many times you have just one quick question that you need addressed by a business expert. Since most small business business consultants charge by the project it is hard to find someone to address individual questions.

What type of questions/situations do you, Lori Williams, address?

My expertise is small business finance and strategy. I have functioned as a consultant, business owner and CFO in a myriad of industries. I have spent the last two decades consulting with mid-market companies, many of which were in a financial crisis. Therefore, I am well known for my expertise in business finance.

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