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Keyonna S. Cox

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Are you obsessed with fashion, entertainment, celebrities and/or music?
Are you ready to utilize your gifts and talents in a career that is both exciting and rewarding?
Do you have a passion to communicate, connect and work with like-minded people?
Are you confused on what schools/training to attend, with all of the endless options out there?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, book a meeting with Keyonna today!


"I had worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years and wanted to take a course on fashion styling. I already had degrees in fashion and psychology but needed specific
training for becoming a stylist and working in the entertainment industry.

I found Keyonna on a very credible website while researching about the business. So, I reached out to her and she contacted me immediately. I signed up for her one-on-one coaching/
consulting program where she taught me all aspects of the business side of fashion styling and the creative side of fashion styling.

I learned about all of different types of fashion styling, how to execute them and how to set up a business as a fashion stylist. As well, I learned how to market myself and create opportunities.

Ultimately, I decided not to become a fashion stylist. Instead, I started a fashion and celebrity news content writing business. Since launching I have successfully published hundreds of high-traffic content across various sites and have been contacted by a number of celebrity publicists to produce content about their clients.

Every aspect of my work with Keyonna has been used in my business and I am thankful to her for sharing her vast knowledge about the fashion and entertainment industries in such a thorough and in-depth way.

If you want real-world expertise and consultation that works-where you can be confident you'll get results-work with Keyonna. Finding a knowledgeable and willing mentor in the fashion and entertainment industries can be difficult and you have to make sure the outcomes will be beneficial and garner results. I can't thank Keyonna enough for assisting me in
getting where I am today."

Mary P.

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