Avoid the 9 Common Mistakes in Relationships


Judi Mason

Category: Love - Dating - Romance

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How long will you continue to tolerate relationships and associations with people who do not respect you?

Don't you desire authentic relationships and genuine love?

Isn't it time that YOU take control of your heart and your emotions and begin to set boundaries and deal breakers regarding what you expect and what you won't tolerate in a relationship?

In this series you will become empowered to cultivate and obtain the successful relationships you desire. We will counteract the general areas that hinder successful relationships such as:

Stopping the games, confusion and undue emotional stress that is associated with unhealthy toxic relationships

Avoid common relational mistakes

Determine your relational deal breakers

Establish boundaries to better ascertain those who genuinely want, love and appreciate YOU!

Reaffirm yourself worth by presenting yourself in a way that your value and worth speaks volumes and not your desperation and loneliness

Isn't it time for you to obtain the successful relationships YOU desire?

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