Are You Living Your Purpose? Discover Your Destiny!


Perry Jones

Category: Spiritual

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"I'm afraid," she said, I told her she was with friends.

"I can't!" she said, I asked her why.

"I just can't," she repeated and I showed her she had wings.

Everyone has a mission in life, a true calling. Do you know yours?

You were born for a purpose. Are you living that purpose?

If you're feeling unfulfilled, as if there must be more; if relationships are just so much - work - if your career is going nowhere and the future seems bleak - You are not living your purpose.

Come find out what your reason for living is.

This one on one session offered through Skype or by phone (or in person if you're nearby) will help you to Discover Your Destiny. God (the Universe, Destiny, et al) has put us all here for a reason - to fulfill our purpose and live out our destiny.

Everyone has a Destiny - a Purpose, a True Calling. We all have one. You have one. 99% of people go through life not knowing what that is.

Do you struggle with diet and weight loss?

Are you struggling in relationships?

Are you trapped in addictions you can't seem to break?

Are you unhappy in your career or job?

Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over?

Do you struggle with health issues?

Are you unhappy or depressed?

All these may be a result of you not knowing who you are.

These may all seem to be problems that can't be solved, but they may be - if you discover your purpose - and Begin Living It!

This one-on-one session is designed to set you free to be who you truly are.

Open up to love.

Open up to life and to living.

Open up to the mystery of being constantly joyful.

Open up to you.

Open up to the person you were always meant to be.

Live the life you have always known you were meant to be living.

Stop hiding yourself in work, stop hiding yourself behind the tears or smiles, stop hiding yourself in distractions and drama and start being You.

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