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Bhamini Gobiraj

Category: Spiritual

I offer counseling sessions using archetypes based on the primary learning of ‘Sacred Contracts’ taught at the CMED Institute in Chicago by pioneer and author, Dr.Caroline Myss

There are lessons that I feel fortunate to share as much as I feel grateful for personally imbibing them:

COMPLETE LIFE ANALYSIS - 12 Archetypes, Birth Chart Casting And Interpretation

All of the aspects of an individual's life are spread across the twelve life areas given in the Archetypal wheel, which is similar to the astrological wheel. In the Complete Archetypal Life counseling session, you will come to know your unique life story, focusing on the gifts you have and the possible solutions to the challenges you may be facing.

The Complete Life Analysis involves identifying your personal set of 12 archetypes, casting a Birth chart in an Archetypal wheel using them and an interpretation of the chart.

Payment for complete analysis for 45 min is $90.00 per person.

As a student of Vedic astrology, I will also use the astrological chart details for the archetypal
counseling session. So it is required that you please send in the following details at the time
of setting up your appointment:
Name (First and Last)
Gender (Male/Female)
Birth details: Date (month,day,year), Time(hr,min), Place (place,nearest city, country)

Rate: $1.50/min

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