4 Dysfunctions of Happy Living

By: Doug Pedersen

Being unhappy is an individual problem. But how many frustrated people blame someone else and ignore this truth? How many people focus on improving their job, their relationships, or their bank accounts trying to find fulfillment? How many of these people know how to be happy but cannot be consistent or inspired long enough to really make a lasting change in their daily lives? How many of these frustrated people do not know that the real invisible battleground is their emotional state--their emotional health? That is why I'm teaching this session.

Join the conversation and learn 4 commonly missed requirements for happy living and the corresponding 4 Steps to Freedom. Participants will also receive a personalized, signed copy of "Tuna Breath: A 275-Pound Teenager's Coming Of Age Story."

Category: Personal Growth/Improvement

Tags: happiness, performance, personal improvement, quality living

Tue, Dec 3, 2013 12:00PM - 1:30PM

Fee : $35.00 Enroll Now

Doug Pedersen is the founder of PLAYGROUND:GLOBAL (PGG), a research and education company. He uses innovative techniques taken from the teachings of Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology to help people improve, heal and live their lives with outstanding quality. PGG's headquarters is in Washington, D.C. and operates internationally at www.dougapedersen.com.

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